SSL Service Installation

Why do it yourself? Let one of our SSL experts install your new SSL Certificate!

o you’ve selected the SSL certificate that’s right for you and your website, you’ve paid for it, gone through the validation process and the Certificate Authority has issued it.

Now what?

Unless you’re an IT professional, or a wizard, you’re probably looking at a long, difficult installation process. Where do you start? How do you do it?

Once you purchase our SSL Installation Service (and your certificate is issued) you’ll schedule some time to work with a member of our team and have your certificate installed. This can be done two different ways:

  • You can provide us with temporary server credentials (don’t worry, we don’t save this information) to perform an installation remotely–this is our most popular option.
  • You can schedule a screen-sharing session that you control with one of our SSL experts.

This installation service is good for one certificate on one server. If you need to have an SSL certificate installed on multiple servers, each additional server will cost you $59.99. If, for some reason, your certificate needs to be reissued at some point in its lifespan you can always use this service again, but – due to the labor involved – it will be an additional $59.99 per certificate and $49.99 per each additional server.

Now, should there be an industry-wide update that mandates a certificate get reissued for any reason, we will install the new certificate free of charge as quickly as time permit.

In addition, if you need help generating your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), we include that in our SSL Installation Service free of charge. Just let us know upfront when you schedule your installation and your dedicated SSL specialist will do the rest!

  • Silver

  • $59.99one-time
  • 1 SSL Certificate Installed
Great Offer
  • GOLD

  • $249one-time
  • 5 SSL Certificates Installed
Best Offer

  • $450one-time
  • 10 SSL Certificates Installed
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