Desktop Push Notifications

Start Increasing Sales, Visitor Retention And Even Re-Engage Subscribers

What if there was a way you can stop ignoring the customers who land on your website, and instead, put them on a notification list so you could target them with offers?

You might have an email newsletter, but did you know that greater than 80% of your email subscribers NEVER see your promotional messages? That’s a huge waste, and I’m writing you today to tell you there is a better, most targeted, and cost-effective way… What I am proposing is that we use my desktop notification technology. This is some new, cutting edge stuff, and will build a targeted list of people who are directly interested in your products and services without the need for spending money on advertising.

  • More Sales: Offer your products even after visitors leave your website.
  • Segmentation: Send messages based on the interest of your visitors.
  • Trend: Facebook, CNN, Twitter, Ebay, NBA use the same technology.
  • Earn more: Show your offer to its base in a few seconds and selling much more.
  • Easy: 3 step install and friendly for beginners.
  • More Delivery: Messages appears on your screen automatically.
  • Less Effort: Create a client list that is super engaged in any niche.
  • Effectiveness: generates with 700% more than email marketing.
  • Fast: Get to work immediately and get instant results.
  • Simple: No need for technical knowledge.

  • $97/month
    • $200 Setup Fee
    • Account Creation
    • Site Setup Support
    • 10 Scheduled Notices
    • 250 Subscribers

Best Offer
  • GOLD

  • $297/month
    • $200 Setup Fee
    • All Package Silver Services
    • Self-Service
    • 50 Scheduled Notices
    • 1000 Subscribers


  • $597/month
    • $300 Setup Fee
    • Gold & Silver Services
    • Fully Managed Account
    • Unlimited Notifications
    • Unlimited Subscribers

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